Small Business News
1. GoDaddy Buys Email Marketing Firm For Small Business Support
GoDaddy announced on Wednesday that it has acquired email marketing company Mad Mimi, whose offerings have been geared toward small businesses. GoDaddy’s efforts of late have also been focused specifically on small businesses, so boosting its email marketing efforts for the segment seems like a no-brainer. Mad Mimi founder and CEO Gary Levitt said, “We built Mad ...

2. Google Gets New Ads For App Promotion
Google announced the launch of app promotion ads for search and YouTube, following a similar offering launched earlier this summer for the Display Network. The search ads enable users to get advertisers’ apps, and offer advertisers a three-step campaign set-up flow to promote them. These ads will only be shown to people who don’t already have ...

3. Square Stand To Have EMV Support
Last month, Square announced plans to release a new Square Reader for chip cards, an EMV solution aimed at combating card fraud and protecting payment data. The company said it is preparing small businesses for the EMV migration and “industry shift” to chip-enabled credit cards. On Wednesday, Square told Square Stand users it has them covered for ...

4. Business Loses $46K In AdSense Earnings
It’s not uncommon to hear about an over-dependence on Google costing people big money. There have been plenty of tales of businesses losing all their search visibility after Google algorithm changes. In some cases, people have lost their jobs. In even worse cases, businesses have had to fold or completely change course. Sometimes people get burned ...

5. PayPal Launches New Payment Option
As you may recall, eBay bought payments platform Braintree for $800 million last fall. Now, PayPal and Braintree have introduced One Touch, a new way to pay for things in mobile apps. In fact, it’s the fastest way to do so, according to the company. One Touch payments are open for developer beta with select merchants for ...

6. Facebook Changes Ad Limits
Facebook recently announced changes to frequency limits on ads in an email to agencies. DigiDay got ahold of the email, and shared the relevant excerpt, which explains the changes for different scenarios. “We are always looking to improve the News Feed experience for people,” Facebook said in the email. “On an ongoing basis, we implement changes to ...

7. Google Buys Jetpac
Google has acquired Jetpac, which analyzes image and location data, and could improve Google’s ability to search through it. “We can spot lipstick, blue sky views, hipster mustaches and more, through advanced image processing on billions of photos,” Jetpac claims. It also says it has analyzed “every pixel of public Instagram photos,” which it used for its ...

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