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Cerius, this month, published a series of white papers aimed at CEOS, forcing them to ask themselves questions about their operations, finances, marketing and sales.

“Every CEO I know is constantly looking for fresh ideas that can help business performance,” said CEO Pamela Wasley. “Sometimes a key insight is gained from asking just the right question. Other times a good idea can come from another industry. We’ve packaged pointed questions together with insightful advice and commentary into each of the CEO Check List papers.”

The series is as follows:

1. Putting the Right Horsepower into Your Finance Department: Questions that Reveal Hidden
Weaknesses in Financial Controls

2. Putting Muscle into Operations: Questions that Reveal Harmful Levels of Frailty in a Critical
Corporate Function

3. The Impact of Management on M&A Success: Is the Right Team in Place to Maximize Your Company’s Pre-Sale Value?

4. Are Sales and Marketing Working Together to Drive Revenue Growth?

5. Driving Corporate Innovation: The Strategic Use of Interim Executives

6. Eight Ways to Stop Wasting Your Marketing Dollars

“The papers have been written in a question and answer format to enable the busy executive to quickly scan and read,” the company explains. “Furthermore, each paper includes the viewpoints of several subject matter experts so as to provide a range of experience and opinion. The contributors’ comments are based on years of actual business experience, rather than academic theory.”

You can check out the series here.

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