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Google Shuts Down Link Network

Google has reportedly penalized link network Ghost Rank 2.0, and sites with links from it. If you were using it, you probably should have expected this to happen sooner or later.

Cutts appeared to have hinted at this last month, when he tweeted:

Thinking of ghost-related puns for a spam network. “They try to look super natural, but using them will dampen your spirits.”

Now, forum watcher Barry Schwartz writes, “I am pretty confident, 99% confident, based on the data I see in the forums and some sources I have that want to remain anonymous, that Ghost Rank 2.0 was hit hard by Google. It seems that at least one of the underground and under the radar networks was severely hurt by Google and many of the sites using them to rank well in Google are now penalized.”

Google shutting down link networks with the sole purpose of gaming Google rankings is nothing new. Google’s web spam team is constantly working to combat this type of thing. It should come as no surprise when they take such action. This is not a sustainable way to build links for SEO value.

“We have signed up to 35 different Russian exchange networks,” the site explains. “Put all these domains available into one pool and ran them through our custom made algo and filters to find the strongest, most beneficial links. We don’t just look at PR. It’s a lot more complex than that.”

On how safe you would be using this system, it says, “Well, let’s just put it this way. It’s about as diversified as you are going to get. We aren’t relying on one network for links. One gets hit and you still have 30+ other networks to keep you going strong.”

You’re taking your site’s destiny into your own hands when you use this approach. Who do you believe more: a link network that promises to get you higher rankings or Google, who vows to penalize link networks that promise to get you higher rankings?

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