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XYZ Is A Small Business Competing With Amazon In Domains is bringing the new domain extensions .xyz and .College to the Internet as part of the new gTLD program. It’s also in a battle with Amazon and others to bring .Now to market.

The company consists of a small team of about five people battling against giants like Amazon, Google and Donuts. Co-founder Daniel Negari is the youngest gTLD applicant at 27 years old. The company is prviately funded by its co-founders, and has been going through the application process for a few years.

The company wants .XYZ to be the next .COM, as opposed to going after niche markets like some of the other players launching new gTLDs.

“The new TLDs offer Internet users choice when selecting a domain name,” Negari says. “There are currently over 250 million domain names registered in the world, and almost half of them are .coms. That means it’s nearly impossible for people to register their first, second, or maybe even 5th choice in a domain name, without paying potentially thousands of dollars.”

“Overall, we will see a lot of success from the new domain extensions because it is a win-win situation, especially for the average website user,” he adds. “The Internet has only existed for 24 years and is still in its infancy. The new extensions are a huge step towards getting more people online and leveraging all of the potential opportunities of being constantly connected to a stream of data, news, and information.”

“.xyz makes sense as a globally adoptable domain extension since X, Y, and Z are recognized as the last three letters of the Latin alphabet,” says Negari. “There is no language barrier, unlike most other extensions, since XYZ serves more as a universal symbol than an English word with a dictionary meaning. It is also three letters like other popular extensions today, like .com, .net, and .org.”

“With .xyz, users are not limited or labeled by their domain extension,” he says. “As a flexible, ‘true generic’ extension, people can register .xyz domain names for any purpose and receive instant recognition. We have coined the phrase ‘Generation XYZ.’ This is the idea of combining the three major generations (Generations X, Y, and Z) to create a whole new generation inspired by the Internet and its limitless potential. We are introducing .xyz to the world so that people everywhere can sure their passions, cultivate knowledge, and express themselves. We think of .xyz as more than just a domain extension – it is a global community.”

As Negari points out, a lot of the new extensions coming out are very niche-specific, which makes them less valuable to some types of businesses and websites.

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